You Still Burp is the first episode in season 2


You Still BurpEdit

-Mickey said that Winnie looked Japanese

-Winnie said he has to go in this video

-Mickey was looking at the crowds

-Winnie ran toward Mickey

-Mickey threw up in this video

-Winnie said ew when he burped

-Mickey was laughing like a child

-Winnie and Mickey got slapped


-In one scene,Mickey called Winnie Romanian but Winnie didn't look Romanian

-Winnie burped and he said ew then Mickey burped and he said ew

-In one scene when Mickey is reading a newspaper,Winnie appeared

-Winnie is running to the right then to the left and to the right again

-When Winnie is about to yell at the screen,his mouth is black

-Mickey said "Huh?" in one scene then he was humming