You Made Speedy B Cry is the twenty-fifth episode in season 2

Characters:Speedy B,Mickey,Jimmy

You Made Speedy B CryEdit

-Speedy B left half food while Mickey and Jimmy were eating

-Mickey and Jimmy were asking the same question

-Jimmy called Speedy B a loser looking silly

-Speedy B was crying in this video

-Mickey got yelled by Speedy B's dad

-Jimmy felt scared and the crowds were not

-Speedy B called his dad

-Mickey was shouting in this video

-Jimmy got called Mickey by Speedy B's dad


-Mickey was coming with Jimmy to the door but when they got to the door,Mickey disappeared

-When Speedy B's dad said his name to the crowds,Speedy B can be seen

-The crowds said that Speedy B's dad did not yell at Jimmy but he did

-After Speedy B hit the screen,one of the line on him disappeared

-Mickey's tie is not seen