You Kept On Touching Me is the nineteenth episode in season 2

Characters:Mickey,Space Mickey,Star

You Kept On Touching MeEdit

-Mickey kept on touching Space Mickey in the beginning

-Space Mickey punch Mickey in the foot

-Star said she want to watch the theme song

-Mickey press the button on Space Mickey

-Space Mickey was grumpy

-Star was called a fat bear and an idiot bear

-Mickey growled at the crowds

-Space Mickey was showing the crowds his butt

-Star should have growl at the crowds not Mickey

-Love,Winnie and Jimmy appeared in this video


-When Mickey said that Space Mickey will be in the theme song,his tie is missing

-Mickey was called stupid Star but Space Mickey said he was called soft Star

-Space Mickey's face is seen when he is punching the screen

-Winnie did not say "I love you." twice when he said his name