You Gotta Exercise is the thirty-third episode in season 2

Characters:Space Mickey,Star

You Gotta ExerciseEdit

-Space Mickey was surprised at Star's weight

-Star growled at Space Mickey

-Space Mickey told Star to exercise

-Star landed on Space Mickey

-The crowds shouted Star's name

-Space Mickey burped in this video

-Star called Space Mickey an idiot

-Space Mickey was getting the phone

-Star is losing some weight


-Space Mickey said his height is 50-55 but his height is little higher and it was just one

-It is unknown how Space Mickey got a lot of weight at the end

-In some scenes,Star's mouth and ears have disaapeared

-Star should have lose a few weight instead of a lot of weight

-Space Mickey said he ate like 28 cookies but he didn't

-Star wasn't doing the push-ups right

-In reality,toys do not have weight