You Forgot is the twenty-first episode in season 1


You ForgotEdit

-Jimmy said sorry,his tail said strange,looked at the screen and at the right

-Love said butt,Jeffery (twice),Dee Dee and la la la la before she threw up

-Jimmy was looking at the screen while Love threw up

-Love shows herself when she is invisible

-Jimmy sounded like a girl

-Love said Jilly instead of Jimmy

-Jimmy and Love were playing a game

-Love was getting the phone


-When Jimmy said strange after he was looking at the right,he sounded like a girl

-Before Jimmy was coming closer to the crowds,a burp can be heard

-Love is seen sad when she said "Butt."

-When the place shake,Jimmy wasn't floating then he is

-Love's nose is black when she appear on top

-When Jimmy is singing Thomas and Friend,his nose is smaller