You're The Best Spy is the twelfth episode in season 2

Characters:Romanian Karate Man,Winnie,Star

You're The Best SpyEdit

-Romanian Karate Man tried to get in the spymobile

-Winnie was talking about an earthquake

-Star punch Romanian Karate Man

-Romanian Karate Man was watching Star's video

-Winnie was the mayor in this video

-Star said she doesn't have any homework

-Romanian Karate Man punch Star's foot

-Winnie was checking the DVDs

-Star said she want to watch the video


-When Romanian Karate Man feel surprised that his shirt is backwards,his voice changed

-The first time Romanian Karate Man tried to get in the spymobile,there was no music

-Winnie called the villain a lady but the villain is a man but then the villain is a lady

-The first time Romanian Karate Man got on the spymobile,he was on the back

-Star's mouth is missing while everyone is cheering for the video

-While Star is screaming,her voice sounds different