-Winnie is a little orange bear that has a red heart

-He first appeared in This Is The Narrator

-He is one of four characters that wears clothes

-The other characters that wear clothes are Romanian Karate Man,Mickey,and Space Mickey

-He is the only character that has a button on his hand

-He called the toy a baby in Give Me The Toy

-Winnie was shown using the audio book in Welcome To My House

-He is shown alone in I Am In The Race

-Winnie was an astronaut in I'm Going To The Grocery

-He pressed the button twice in I Am Allergic To Pizza and We Want To Buy Pizza

-Winnie is wearing a red shirt

-He got surprised when Mickey sneezed in Smell My Butt

-Winnie told his weight and his age in I Am In The Race

-He said bleh four times in I Push The Button

-His best friend is Jimmy although they fight sometimes

-Winnie felt mad after Romanian Karate Man scared him in We're Gonna Scare Him

-He growled at the screen in I Am On The Website

-Winnie made Romanian Karate Man throw up in Meet Romanian Karate Man

-He was talking about an earthquake in You're The Best Spy

-Winnie was shouting in We Want To Make A Cartoon

-He made Space Mickey push his button in I Push The Button