We Want To Make A Cartoon is the ninth episode in season 2


We Want To Make A CartoonEdit

-Douglas said he want to be in a cartoon then he said he doesn't want to be in it

-Winnie said one person got scared and the rest were not

-Star was chasing Winnie then bumped into the screen

-Douglas shouted stop after Winnie was feeling mad

-Winnie was showing his mouth

-Star was called Mickey in this video

-Douglas burped instead of throwing up

-Winnie and Star are playing the no laughing contest

-Star burped on the screen then hit the screen

-Love appeared in this video


-The crowds screamed after Winnie scared the crowds but one person said "Yes" and the rest say "No"

-When Star is about to hit the screen the first time,her face disappeared

-Douglas said Jimmy is a girl then he told Winnie not to call him a girl

-In a few scenes when Winnie and Star are running,she disappeared