We Want To Buy Pizza is the fourth episode in season 3


We Want To Buy PizzaEdit

-Winnie told Jimmy not to press his button

-Jimmy said he is allergic to pizza

-Winnie was mad at the crowds

-Jimmy was looking silly

-Winnie was buying pizza and bread

-Jimmy threw up in this video

-Winnie and Jimmy jump together

-Jimmy said he does not want pizza


-While Winnie and Jimmy are eating,Jimmy was eating pizza although he's allergic to it

-After Winnie press his button,Jimmy threw up before he was running away

-Winnie's eyes were moving when he and Jimmy were jumping together

-In the beginning,Jimmy is seen landing with Winnie instead of Love

-Jimmy said France instead of French in one scene

-When the hand is talking,Jimmy is briefly seen

-In one scene,Winnie called Jimmy his name