We Got A Plan is the thirtieth episode in season 2

Characters:Mickey,Winnie,Mr. Comb

We Got A Plan Edit

-Mickey told the crowds and Mr. Comb not to kiss and slap his butt

-Winnie and Mr. Comb were making a plan

-Mr. Comb is cooking in the kitchen

-Mickey was doing ballet

-Winnie looked Chinese when he jumped

-Mr. Comb hurt and kiss Winnie's hand

-Mickey was changing his feelings

-Winnie hit Mr. Comb and Mickey

-Mr. Comb almost hit Mickey's butt


-Mr. Comb is going to hit Mickey's butt but Winnie appeared to be hitting Mickey's butt

-Mickey said that Winnie and Mr. Comb have to go to bed even though it is daytime

-Mr. Comb said he will be coming back tomorrow but he didn't come the next day

-Mickey did not cover his mouth when he is about to throw up

-When the crowds say "Boo,Yay",Mickey's tie disappeared

-Winnie said "Okay,enough.",but he is still doing it