We're Going To Finland is the third episode in season 3


We're Gong To FinlandEdit

-Winnie wants Love to be quick so they wouldn't be late

-Love said she forgot her suitcase

-Winnie burped in this video

-Love and Winnie were looking silly

-Winnie peed on the crowds

-Love hit Winnie in the face

-Winnie said he forgot to pack his pants

-Love realized that Winnie is gone


-Love and Winnie were walking for approximately 10 minutes although Winnie said that it will take a short time

-Winnie and Love were walking without their suitcase but Winnie's suitcase appear in the next scene

-After Love burped,Winnie said "Excuse me" but Love should have said that

-Winnie's skin can be seen when he and Love are going the wrong way

-One of Winnie's eye is not seen when he said "Bleh" in a dark voice

-Winnie said that he forgot his pants although he doesn't wear one