This Is The Narrator is the first episode in season 1


This Is The NarratorEdit

-Winnie has been told to sit down by the narrator

-Love and Winnie first appeared in this video

-Winnie growled at the screen looking Chinese

-Love and Winnie were watching T.V.

-Winnie got kicked at the screen by Love

-Love sneak up on Winnie

-Winnie sounded like a fly and run toward Love

-Love was called a he instead of a she

-The narrator shows us 6 pictures


-When the narrator shows the second picture of Love,her eyes cannot be seen

-In the far out view,the circle at the right of Love's mouth can be seen a little

-After the narrator shows the third picture of Love,The colors changed

-Characters speak before the captions appear in some scenes

-The captions disappeared in some scenes