This Is Our Private Place is the seventh episode in season 2

Characters:Romanian Karate Man,Douglas,Speedy B,Mickey,Winnie

This Is Our Private PlaceEdit

-Romanian Karate Man told the crowds to watch the private place

-Douglas said Romanian Karate Man's shirt is backwards

-Speedy B took more crackers

-Mickey said he and Winnie have to listen

-Winnie locked the door in this video

-Romanian Karate Man said he didn't finish his snack

-Douglas threw up in this video

-Speedy B said he and the gang are in their private place

-Mickey was mad when Winnie touched him

-Winnie and Mickey apologize to the gang


-When the gang saw that their private place is shaking,Romanian Karate Man was looking at the left

-Speedy B said wait then Romanian Karate Man is telling the crowds to watch their private place

-When Winnie is dancing and making noise in the private place,Mickey seems to be kicking

-In one scene,Winnie changed his eyes when he is talking to the crowds

-Speedy B shouldn't eat too much snack because he is little

-Douglas threw up at the end but nobody kissed him