This Is My Tie is the nineteenth episode in season 1


This Is My TieEdit

-Mickey was talking about his tie in his video

-Jimmy help Mickey look for his tie

-Mickey is seen without his tie the next day

-Jimmy said that Mickey's video is awesome

-Mickey said that his tie is a phone tie

-Jimmy said he and Mickey were going to the theater

-Mickey was using the bathroom

-Jimmy said Mickey's tie is nice

-Mickey was crying in this video


-When Mickey said "My tie is missing.",the buttons on his shirt are gone

-Mickey's basket is missing when he is using the bathroom

-Jimmy said he liked Mickey's video then he said he doesn't

-Mickey's tie ringed but in other videos,his tie doesn't ring

-In some scenes,the holes on Jimmy's collar disappeared

-Mickey doesn't know where his tie is but it was in his shirt

-When the movie is about to start,Mickey was standing up

-Mickey said helping instead of watching