This Is My Naughty Prank is the twenty-seventh episode in season 2

Characters:Romanian Karate Man,Douglas,Speedy B,Winnie,Jimmy

This Is My Naughty PrankEdit

-Romanian Karate Man was called Japanese Ballerina Woman

-Douglas was the announcer in this video

-Speedy B was called Pee Pee G

-Winnie teased Speedy B and Douglas

-Jimmy landed on Winnie's head

-Romanian Karate Man threw up in this video

-Douglas was called Barrison

-Speedy B was the winner at the end

-Winnie press the button while he falls

-Jimmy teased Romanian Karate Man


-Before and when Winnie said "I love you" twice,one of his leg is not seen

-Jimmy said his name is Scientific Jimmy Dog but his real name is Jimmy

-If Winnie is gonna land on his back,he might break his back

-The game was called "Land Safely" but it changed later

-Romanian Karate Man might break his head if he lands

-Jimmy might bounce too high if he is using his tail

-Everyone should have fall back when Douglas fall