This Is My First Time is the forty-second episode in season 2


This Is My First TimeEdit

-Jimmy told the crowds that he has an account

-Star is seen being chased by a dodgeball

-Jimmy said he like cats

-Star said she went into Jimmy's account

-Jimmy was on Star's head

-Star sounded like a werewolf

-Jimmy said he doesn't eat papers

-Star called herself nasty


-Star says that she went into Jimmy's account during her third appearance but it is unknown how she did that

-During Star's fourth appearance,when the message says "I am nasty.",the letter a was messed up in "am"

-The ding is heard twice when the message is here during Star's third appearance

-When Jimmy appeared the second time,he is typing but his hands didn't move

-The crowds voice changed before Star is sending a message the second time

-When Star is howling during her third appearance,she was frowning