This Is Mr. Comb is the fifteenth episode in season 2

Characters:Jimmy,Love,Mr. Comb

This Is Mr. CombEdit

-Jimmy's hair was messed up but later it turned back to normal

-Love sounded like a man when she and Jimmy look silly

-Mr. Comb first appeared in this video

-Jimmy was running toward the door

-Love was talking to Mr. Comb on the phone

-Mr. Comb has to go to the bathroom

-Jimmy has been slapped by Mr. Comb

-Love told Mr. Comb to ring the doorbell

-Mr. Comb heard a noise in the bathroom


-When Jimmy said "That's not more like it.",his hair was messy but when he burped,his hair was normal

-Mr. Comb told his legs not to fail but he doesn't have legs

-In some scenes,Mr. Comb's voice changed