The Amazing Love is the eighteenth episode in season 2

Characters:Romanian Karate Man,Douglas,Speedy B,Jimmy,Love

The Amazing LoveEdit

-Romanian Karate Man was turned into Japanese Ballerina Girl

-Douglas was turned into a nice girl

-Speedy B was turned into Slow B

-Jimmy sounded like a man

-Love was a magician in this video

-Romanian Karate Man kissed the crowds

-Douglas said his name is Mary ember Marrison

-Speedy B almost hit the screen

-Jimmy threw up in this video

-Love was making a naughty plan


-Romanian Karate Man,Speedy B and Douglas jumped to the left instead of at the middle

-When Douglas is talking to Love at one part,the yellow line on him disappeared

-Romanian Karate Man's girly voice changed when he said "Into a."