-Star is a bear that looks fat and silly and sometimes growls at people

-She first appeared in I Got Hiccups

-Star make a distraction in You Keep On Fighting

-She is screaming like a boy in I Am The Luckiest Bear and You're The Best Spy

-Star had a fighting contest with Romanian Karate Man in I Am The Toughest

-She was acting crazy to go to the bathroom in I Gotta Go Even Badder

-Star is shown in school in Welcome To School

-She had a boyfriend in Star Has A Boyfriend then she said she doesn't have a boyfriend

-She kept on bothering Jimmy in I Got Distracted

-She was lazy in I Got Hiccups,Stop Copying Me,I Look So Fat,You Gotta Exercise and I'm Worried About Star

-Star was like a baby in Baby Star And Mickey

-She was playing the no laughing contest in We Want To Make A Cartoon and Someone Get Me Out

-Star was exercising in You Gotta Exercise

-She was crying in Baby Star And Mickey

-She got in a lot of trouble in Welcome To School

-Star was speaking in a French accent in I Am A French Bear

-She did a flip when she farted in Star Has A Boyfriend

-Star has a big,black nose and she is usually nice

-She is shown alone in I Look So Fat

-Star made a silly face in Baby Star And Mickey

-She got hiccups in I Got Hiccups

-Her mouth can be shown in most videos

Other FactsEdit

Characters She Has Been With:Everyone

Characters She Hasn't been With:Nobody