Speedy B Is A Loser is the forty-first episode in season 2

Characters:Speedy B,Jimmy,Love

Speedy B Is A LoserEdit

-Speedy B's dad yelled at Jimmy for making Speedy B cry

-Jimmy was making fun of Speedy B

-Love was dancing in this video

-Speedy B was crying like a baby

-Jimmy landed on Speedy B's dad

-Love scared the crowds twice

-Speedy B's dad was making fun of Jimmy

-Jimmy growled at the crowds

-Love appeared shortly


-When Speedy B's dad is talking to the crowds,Jimmy's tail disappeared

-Jimmy appeared to be sad when Speedy B's dad shouted his name

-At the end,Speedy B was crying but when he hit Love,he was mad

-When Jimmy point to the crowds,his nationality changed