Someone Get Me Out is the twenty-eighth episode in season 2

Characters:Romanian Karate Man,Jimmy,Star

Someone Get Me OutEdit

-Romanian Karate Man was whispering the answer at Jimmy's ear

-Jimmy pulled Romanian Karate Man out

-Star was playing the no laughing contest

-Romanian Karate Man was still on the screen

-Jimmy was guessing the hard answer

-Star was making silly faces

-Romanian Karate Man hit Jimmy's tail

-Jimmy was showing the crowds his tail

-Star answered one question


-The question Romanian Karate Man said was too hard but it was unknown how he answer it

-Romanian Karate Man said to Jimmy "Stop it Jillion!" instead of saying "Stop it Jimmy!"

-The crowds said they don't see Jimmy's eye but it can be seen

-Star made an angry face before the sound can be heard

-One or two of Star's ears are missing in some scenes

-Jimmy said zillion instead of sillion and xillion

-In some scenes,Star's mouth is missing