-Romanian Karate Man is a man that likes karate more than anyone else

-He first appeared in I Want Karate

-Romanian Karate Man got his shirt backwards sometimes

-He threw up in Meet Romanian Karate Man,Star Has A Boyfriend,I Scare You Many Times and This Is My Naughty Prank

-He punch Love,Winnie,Jimmy,Star,Mickey,Speedy B,and Douglas

-Romanian Karate Man didn't like it when he was called Japanese

-He hasn't been with Space Mickey and Mr. Comb

-Romanian Karate Man has been attacked in I Will Be Invisible

-He punch the screen while he was making a distraction in Star Has A Boyfriend

-Romanian Karate Man told the crowds to be quiet in We're Gonna Scare Him

-Romanian Karate Man has been pulled out by Jimmy in Someone Get Me Out

-He teased Star in Star Has A Boyfriend

-Romanian Karate Man got teased by Jimmy in This Is My Naughty Prank

-He has a private plave with Speedy B and Douglas in This Is My Private Place

-Romanian Karate Man and Star were fighting in I Am The Toughest,You Keep On Fighting and You're The Best Spy

-He can find Love,Winnie,and Mickey easily

-Romanian Karate Man was using the bathroom in Star Has A Boyfriend

-He did ballet in The Amazing Love

-He was a spy in You're The Best Spy

-One of his foot shows a picture of him

Other FactsEdit

Characters He Has Been With:Love,Winnie,Jimmy,Star,Mickey,Speedy B,Douglas

Characters He Hasn't Been With:Space Mickey,Mr. Comb