Presenting Star And Mickey is the third episode in season 2


Presenting Star And MickeyEdit

-Douglas sounded like a dog when he scare the crowds

-Mickey was seen doing ballet

-Star told Mickey to get out of here

-Douglas said Nikki instead of Mickey

-Mickey was crying like a baby

-Star was chased by Mickey

-Douglas threw up in this video

-Mickey said ta-da twice

-Star was mad when she heard a noise

-Winnie appeared in this video


-When the crowds say yum,Mickey was surprised and when they say ew,Mickey is mad

-At one part when Star is grumbling at the crowds,she doesn't look mad

-The crowds told Mickey to watch his mouth but Mickey didn't curse

-When the crowds answer "Star.",the caption cut the word into "St ar."

-Mickey is behind Star when she is reading a book

-When Mickey said "Ouch!",the caption cut the word into "Ou ch!"