Mickey Is A Friend is the second episode in season 3

Characters:Mickey,Jimmy,Space Mickey,Mr. Comb

Mickey Is A FriendEdit

-Mickey and Space Mickey sounded like girls when they were kids

-Jimmy called Mickey and Space Mickey ladies

-Space Mickey was blocking Jimmy

-Mr. Comb was seen as a wand

-Mickey apologize to Space Mickey for blocking him

-Jimmy say wah wah wah looking silly

-Space Mickey was telling a story

-Mr. Comb made a short appearance


-Space Mickey and Mickey got zapped but they were moving which they couldn't be zapped

-Jimmy wasn't in the story although Space Mickey said that he was in his story

-In reality,magic shouldn't break Space Mickey's and Mickey's friendship

-When Jimmy said "Now!" looking silly,one of his eye is not seen

-During the fighting scene,Space Mickey wasn't fighting

-When Mickey is about to fall,his tie disappeared