I Send A Mean MessageEdit


1.Did You Burp?

2.I.M. Stinky

3.Please Micey?Ha


1.You Are Fat

2.Anita Bath

3.I Am A Butt

I Got A MessageEdit


1.You Have A Cat

Picture 1:Mickey with an angry cat

2.I Eat My Butt

Picture 2:Mickey eating a butt

3.I Am Stupid

Picture 3:Mickey farting


1.Look At This One

Picture 1:Love peeing a lot

2.You Have A Friend

Picture 2:Love and her friend love each other

3.Look At The Back

Picture 3:Love being chased by an angry person with claws

You Still BurpEdit

1.I Am A Butt

I Am On The WebsiteEdit

1.You Are Silly

Picture 1:Winnie farting and people laughing

2.I Am Rude

Picture 2:Winnie showing his tongue

3.I Am A Fatty

Picture 3:Winnie looking fat and eating cookies


1.You Are Naughty

Picture 1:Love laughing at someone covered in leaves

2.I Am Clean

Picture 2:Love looking stinky

3.I Am Messy

Picture 3:Mickey saw Love throwing garbage out of the trash

This Is My First TimeEdit


1.You Like Cats

2.I Eat Papers

3.Your Eyes Stink

4.You Pee A Lot


1.Clean Your Room

2.Look At This Ugly

Picture 2:Star being chased by a ball

3.You Are Dirty

4.I Am Nasty

I'm Going On The ComputerEdit

Mr. Comb

1.Star likes to pee on stupid Winnie

2.Winnie likes to pee on stupid Star