-Love is a little girl that is a bear and has many friends

-She first appeared in This Is The Narrator

-Love is light brown and she has red hands,red feet,red ears,and a red nose

-She is shown alone in Somebody Touched Me

-Love fell for Mickey's trap three times in I'm About To Destroy Love

-She and Romanian Karate Man were teasing Star in Star Has A Boyfriend

-In Let's Play Jump Rope,she was teaching Jimmy how to jump rope

-She is shown as a magician in The Amazing Love

-Love screamed like a man in Meet Romanian Karate Man and I Need Peace And Quiet

-She is kissing Winnie in I Gotta Go Even Badder

-Love is also angry in most videos

-She took Jimmy out for a walk in I Like To Go Out For A Walk

-She called Mickey and Space Mickey ladies in You Cannot Fight

-Love is acting like an astronaut in Let's Have A Fighting Contest

-She was using the bathroom in some videos

-Love tried to get the book from Winnie in Love Gets The Book

-She is once seen without her ears in Let's Play The Difference Game

-Love is shown in school with Star in Welcome To School

-She was seen on the computer in I Got A Message and I Am On The Website

-Love was going to Finland with Winnie in We're Going To Finland

-She was seen as a doctor in I Am The Doctor

-Love and Jimmy switched their lunch in We're Gonna Play A Game

-She touched Mickey's stuff with Winnie in This Is Mickey's Lab

-Love is eating lunch with Winnie in You Played A Prank

-She locked the bathroom from Mr. Comb in I Lock The Bathroom Door

-Love acts crazy in some videos

-She,Winnie and Mr. Comb were falling in Your Dinner Is Ready



Being tricked