Let's Play The Difference Game is the seventh episode in season 3

Characters:Mickey,Love,Mr. Comb

Let's Play The Difference GameEdit

-Mickey understand to the game Love was talking about

-Love was explaining about the theme song

-Mr. Comb and Mickey scared the crowds

-Mickey is seen without his tie twice

-Love say that Mr. Comb is playing

-Mr. Comb doesn't like the theme song

-Mickey doesn't wear bananas

-Love said one character is missing

-Mr. Comb guessed wrong


-When Mr. Comb slap the crowds after they called him Mrs. Underpants,the black lines disappeared for a second

-The crowds answered feelings on Star but she had the same feeling the first time and the second time

-Mr. Comb said four people said yes but three people said yes,not four

-Love said Star didn't get to listen to the theme song but she did

-Before someone answered ears,one of Love's ear is seen

-During the second theme song,Star was seen sad