Let's Play Hide And Seek is the eighteenth episode in season 1

Characters:Jimmy,Space Mickey

Let's Play Hide And SeekEdit

-Jimmy and Space Mickey kissed each other

-Space Mickey first appeared in this video

-Jimmy was feeling shaky

-Space Mickey landed on Jimmy

-The hydrant talked to Space Mickey

-Jimmy was peeing on a hydrant

-Space Mickey got bitten by a dog

-Jimmy was going everywhere

-Space Mickey was shaking the place


-When Space Mickey was knocking to make the place shake,the place shake where Space Mickey is

-Jimmy got the newspaper from Ms. Cairo but in the next scene,his newspaper is gone

-Space Mickey said he will be with Star but in the next video,he didn't appear with Star

-The second drumming does not sound right

-Captions misspelled Ms. Cairo as Ms. Ciro

-After Space Mickey and Jimmy kissed each other,Jimmy threw up

-Jimmy sounded like a girl when he said "Thank you."

-When the captions said "Oh proof it.",Space Mickey said "Dog proof it."