Let's Have A Fighting Contest is the forty-first episode in season 1

Characters:Space Mickey,Love

Let's Have A Fighting ContestEdit

-Space Mickey said that Love kissed his butt

-Love said she doesn't care

-Space Mickey was jumping on love

-Love was an astronaut in this video

-Space Mickey kicked Love

-Love called Space Mickey Japanese

-Space Mickey landed on Love

-Love was giving Space Mickey a bath


-Space Mickey said he will be with Winnie but in the next video,he didn't appear with him

-When Space Mickey is starting to fly,the screen was moving to the left then to the right

-Space Mickey's rocket blaster is black in some scenes

-Love drop something on Space Mickey but she isn't holding anything

-Space Mickey kicked Love with his head instead of his feet

-When Love is an astronaut,she sounded like one

-In one scene,Love showed up then hide