I Will Destroy The City is the thirty-seventh episode in season 2

Characters:Mickey,Jimmy,Mr. Comb

I Will Destroy The CityEdit

-Mickey was mad when he heard the phone ring

-Jimmy said he wasn't here to babysit

-Mr. Comb was a spy in this video

-Mickey said fighting twice

-Jimmy and Mr. Comb were relaxed

-Mr. Comb called Jimmy stupid twice

-Mickey was going to work

-Jimmy warned Mr. Comb twice

-Mr. Comb was making a distraction


-When Mr. Comb is angry that he can't get in the spymobile,it was seen then ran without him noticing

-Mr. Comb arrived at Mickey's lair at 8:50 but Mickey said that it is 9:00

-It is unknown how Mr. Comb hear that Mickey called him Mrs. Comb

-Mr. Comb can chop the bomb to stop it even though it feels hard

-Mickey's tie is not seen