I Will Be Invisible is the eighth episode in season 2

Characters:Romanian Karate Man,Douglas,Speedy B,Mickey,Star

I Will Be InvisibleEdit

-Romanian Karate Man is seen with his shirt backwards

-Douglas and Speedy B did a ballshake

-Speedy B slapped Star in this video

-Mickey said he is going to take a nap

-Star told the gang to be quiet

-Romanian Karate Man has been attacked by Mickey

-Douglas has been bossed by Mickey

-Speedy B has been by Mickey

-Mickey tuned invisible in this video

-Star has been touched by Mickey


-The crowds said they don't know who is invisible even though they saw Mickey turning invisible

-Romanian Karate Man said "Get off of my boobs." but he doesn't have any boobs

-Star's eyes disappeared when she made a silly face before opening the door

-Speedy B said that Star was lazy but he never see her being lazy before

-The lights turn off before Romanian Karate Man hit towards the screen

-When the lights turn on,Romanian Karate Man was on the floor

-Speedy B disappeared when everyone is punching Mickey

-When Mickey said "Get the door!",Star disappeared