I Want Karate is the second episode in season 1

Characters:Romanian Karate Man,Love

I Want KarateEdit

-Romanian Karate Man found Love by using his sight

-Love called Romanian Karate Man Japanese

-Romanian Karate Man first appeared in this video

-Love called Romanian Karate Man stupid

-Romanian Karate Man gave Love 100%

-This video shows love jumping and landing safely

-Romanian Karate Man had his shirt backwards

-Love fell into a million pieces


-Love doesn't do ELA,math,science,social studies,art,dance,gym and karate before

-In one scene,the hair on Romanian Karate Man's chest disappeared

-Romanian Karate Man did not look at Love when he is talking to Love

-In some scenes,Romanian Karate Man is seen darker

-Love shouldn't gain points for burping