I Lock The Bathroom Door is the twenty-third episode in season 2

Characters:Winnie,Love,Mr. Comb

I Lock The Bathroom DoorEdit

-Winnie and Love were explaining about the theme song

-Love was called Jimmy in the theme song

-Mr. Comb has to go to the bathroom

-Winnie sounded like a girl

-Love locked the bathroom door from Mr. Comb

-Mr. Comb was called Mrs. Comb in the beginning

-Winnie and Love were acting crazy

-Love was followed by Jimmy

-Mr. Comb kicked Winnie and Love

-Jimmy,Star and Mickey appeared in this video


-During the backward scene when Winnie appeared,one of his eye disappeared

-When Winnie said his name,he did not say "I love you." twice

-In a few scenes,Mr. Comb was walking backwards

-Star's tail disappeared during the backward scene