I Like To Go Out For A Walk is the sixth episode in season 2


I Like To Go Out For A WalkEdit

-Jimmy found a red bone,a blue leash and a yellow ball

-Love was reading a list

-Jimmy was asking Love to go out for a walk

-Love and Jimmy went to the store

-The yellow ball turned into a purple ball

-Jimmy peed on Love in this video

-Love said she can look for the last present

-Jimmy said he doesn't like purple

-Love forgot about her wallet then she got it


-Jimmy went to the bathroom before he and Love go out for a walk but when Love is reading the schedule,Jimmy has to go to the bathroom

-The toy ball that Love and Jimmy found is yellow but when they got home,it is purple

-Love said Winnie hates red even though he wore a red shirt and has a red heart

-While Jimmy is using the bathroom,the holes on Jimmy's collar disappeared

-In the beginning,Jimmy sounds like a girl

-Love is too young to pay food and water