I Am Writing A Letter is the fourth episode in season 2


I Am Writing A LetterEdit

-Love and Star watch Winnie and Jimmy reading a message on the screen

-Star wants Love to laugh at Winnie and Jimmy

-Love said she and Star doesn't understand

-Star is seen wiggling and farting

-Love almost read a letter

-Star and Love were acting crazy

-Love said Winnie and Jimmy will not appear

-Star was laughing on the phone


-In the third picture of Winnie and Jimmy,Winnie was peeing even though he is wearing pants

-When the second picture of Winnie and Jimmy is shown,Jimmy doesn't have eyelashes

-The pictures in each message can be seen before the crowds show it

-When the first picture of Winnie and Jimmy is shown,there weren't enough rain

-In one scene,Love was laughing at Star instead of at Winnie and Jimmy

-When the crowds said "Ha ha.",Love appears to say it