I Am The Toughest is the eleventh episode in season 1

Characters:Romanian Karate Man,Love,Star

I Am The ToughestEdit

-Romanian Karate Man and Love has been squished by Star

-Love teased Romanian Karate Man

-Star said she's a lot bigger

-Romanian Karate Man said he's strong

-Love got tricked on the phone

-Star was spinning in this video

-Romanian Karate Man and Star both won at the end

-Love told Star to move

-Star growled at Love for calling her a fatty


-When Romanian Karate Man said "I'm the toughest fighter.",his belt is missing

-The fighting contest started before Love said round 1

-When the doorbell rang,Romanian Karate Man did not look at the left

-In some scenes,Romanian Karate Man had his shirt backward

-When the lights turn on,Romanian Karate Man and Star are still there