I Am On The Website is the second episode in season 2


I Am On The WebsiteEdit

-Winnie sounded like an elephant when he growled at the screen

-Love said Winnie's name used to be Pooh

-Winnie said he like being silly

-Love said that she is clean

-The crowds almost showed two pictures

-Winnie and Love type each other's name

-Love called Winnie stupid

-Winnie whispered a word after he type a message

-Love read the last message fast


-Winnie told the crowds not to show the picture then he said they can

-In one scene,The ding was heard twice in Love's computer

-The picture can be briefly seen in all messages

-Love press the send button twice in one scene

-Winnie read the back message in the third message

-In one scene,Winnie was typing at the front