I Am Not A Cookie is the twenty-third episode in season 1

Characters:Winnie,Speedy B

I Am Not A CookieEdit

-Speedy B said that he might turn Winnie into a cookie

-Winnie was using Speedy B as a cookie

-Speedy B was looking for something in the closet

-Winnie called Speedy B a naughty ball

-Speedy B got eaten by the crowds and Winnie

-Winnie called Speedy B a butt

-Speedy B called Winnie Japanese

-Winnie kept on pressing his button


-Speedy B said he will be with Jimmy but in the next video,he didn't appear with him

-When Speedy B is shaking Winnie's hand,one of Winnie's eye cannot be seen

-Winnie said his eye hurt but Speedy B did not punch his eye

-In some scenes,Speedy B look partly brown

-Speedy B ran to the left and appeared at the bottom