I Am Allergic To Pizza is the thirty-fourth episode in season 1


I Am Allergic To PizzaEdit

-Winnie and Jimmy got a delivery in this video

-Jimmy doesn't want Winnie to look for pizza

-Winnie farted on the screen

-Jimmy said he is allergic to pizza

-Winnie pressed the buttton twice

-Jimmy said he is gonna put up a sign

-Winnie told Jimmy that he ate a pizza

-Jimmy felt silly when he got surprised


-When Jimmy is about to throw up the first time,his eyes and nose cannot be seen

-Winnie said Jimmy is gonna be the annoying Jimmy but that happened already

-When Jimmy heard a strange sound,it cannot be seen

-In one scene,Winnie was sad but he didn't sound sad

-Jimmy's tail disappeared in one scene

-In a few scenes,one of Winnie's ear disappeared