I'm Going To The Grocery is the thirty-first episode in season 2


I'm Going To The GroceryEdit

-Winnie told the crowds to put the balloons and decoration so he would have a party

-Star was telling Winnie not to do anything but Winnie didn't care

-Winnie press the button twice

-Star saw Winnie on the ceiling

-Winnie was acting like an astronaut

-Star was going to the grocery

-Winnie tried passing the guard

-Star said Winnie is grounded


-Star said the camera is in her pocket but when she is talking to Winnie on the phone,the camera is out

-When the hand shouted "Winnie the baker!",more than one person's shouting can be heard

-Winnie hang up the phone then he pick the phone without even dialing it in one scene

-Every time Winnie is saying "Party",he appeared to be sounding the word "Potty"

-Star should have shouted "Ouch!" after Winnie landed on her