I'm Going On The Computer is the sixth episode in season 3

Characters:Winnie,Star,Mr. Comb

I'm Going On The ComputerEdit

-Winnie was putting peppers on Star's and Mr. Comb's cupcakes

-Star was reading the message Mr. Comb typed

-Mr. Comb was explaining about his phone

-Winnie was looking Chinese

-Star surprised Mr. Comb and landed on Winnie

-Mr. Comb was going on the computer

-Winnie said he will have vanilla

-Star was laughing when she is mad

-Mr. Comb said the password


-Mr. Comb said he doesn't have an iPhone although he said the keyboard shows up when he needs to type

-Winnie can hear Star laugh and making a plan although he was far away from her

-When Winnie ate his cupcake with pepper on it,he threw up instead of choking

-The cupcakes keeps on switching when Winnie shows them to the crowds

-In reality,the guy who is allergic to cupcakes can't be heard in the news

-Winnie should have felt surprised after Star read the second message

-After Star read the first message,she should have felt surprised