I'm Dressed Up is the twenty-ninth episode in season 2

Characters:Mickey,Jimmy,Mr. Comb

I'm Dressed UpEdit

-Mickey,Jimmy and Mr. Comb were teasing each other

-Jimmy was telling the crowds to listen his story

-Mr. Comb didn't get teased by Mickey

-Mickey was looking at Jimmy while the crowds laugh

-Jimmy was mad at Mr. Comb

-Mr. Comb forgot to tease Jimmy

-Mickey said his name in the theme song

-Jimmy licked Mickey's eyes

-Mr. Comb got slapped at the end

-Love,Winnie and Star appeared in this video


-The second time Mickey felt mad while the crowds are laughing,the buttons on his shirt are missing

-Mr. Comb should have felt mad when Jimmy said that Mickey and Mr. Comb are dorks

-Jimmy called Mickey a girl but Mickey felt mad at the crowds,not at Jimmy

-While Mickey and Jimmy are telling a story,Mr. Comb is not seen

-Jimmy said that Mr. Comb didn't tease him but he did

-Mr. Comb said he has more money but he doesn't