I'm Coming For You is the thirty-sixth episode in season 2


I'm Coming For YouEdit

-Douglas turned off the television from Love and Winnie

-Winnie is showing his new trick in slow motion

-Love has been tricked by the crowds

-Douglas was called fember in his middle name

-Winnie said Mouglas instead of Douglas

-Love acted like a pirate

-Douglas fell to the ground

-Winnie was changing his face

-Love was angry in slow motion

-Jimmy,Star and Mickey appeared in this video

-Mickey was called sad Mickey


-Winnie was teaching Love a trick although in Look At My Eyes,Love was teaching Jimmy a trick

-The crowds will hae to guess which is a different character but they didn't do it in the next video

-Douglas said he will be using the bathroom but he wasn't going to the bathroom

-Winnie told Douglas to change his face but he doesn't have a face