I'm About To Destroy Love is the fourth episode in season 1


I'm About To Destroy LoveEdit

-Mickey was evil and tried to destroy Love

-Love touched Mickey many times

-Mickey first appeared in this video

-Love was talking too fast

-Mickey's trap backfires three times

-Love threw up in this video

-Mickey and Love were playing a game

-Love was evil at the end


-In some scenes,Mickey wasn't feeling mad even though he sounds mad

-When Mickey is even madder,his tie is missing

-In a few scenes,Mickey's nose is partly maroon

-Love said she fixed herself but in the next scene,she is not

-Mickey called Love Winnie in one scene

-Love and Winnie didn't destroy Mickey's lab before

-In one scene,Mickey's feeling changed before he got surprised

-Mickey shouldn't have feel mad when Love is loose