I'm About To Cry is the fifteenth episode in season 3


I'm About To CryEdit

-Mickey and Winnie were dancing to the song

-Winnie and Mickey were using the bathroom

-Mickey threw up in this video

-Winnie said that he will destroy the crowds

-Mickey said that he is about to cry

-Winnie move one of his eye

-Mickey and Winnie were laughing

-Winnie felt surprised with his mouth open


-Winnie said it doesn't matter if some say no however,Winnie said he will destroy them if they say no

-When Winnie and Mickey farted,they were going backwards but when Mickey farted,he went up

-Mickey got kissed when he is seen grumpy but no one is seen kissing him

-When Winnie is about to zoom out,one of his eye change back to normal

-While the third bumper is loading,Winnie and Mickey are seen moving

-During the song,Winnie did not honk the horn though it was heard

-While Mickey is crying,he is not covering his eyes

-Mickey's tie is not seen throughout the episode