Give Me The Toy is the tenth episode in season 1


Give Me The ToyEdit

-Winnie was standing upside down in this video

-Jimmy stepped on a toy

-This is the first time they show a toy

-Winnie called the ball a baby

-Jimmy called Winnie a big girl

-They were hiding the toy from each other

-Winnie appeared in the closet and he has the toy

-Jimmy said toys aren't for boys


-After Winnie turn up the heater,the toy ball screamed but it wasn't supposed to

-When Winnie said "I did not do it Jimmy.",he sound chimney instead of Jimmy

-In some scenes,one of Winnie's foot has a black dot

-The balloons and decorations appeared before the video finished

-Jimmy can be seen knocking the closet door when Winnie is seen in there

-When Jimmy said "He'll never find me here now.",he isn't holding a toy ball