Don't Press The Button is the thirty-fourth episode in season 2

Characters:Winnie,Space Mickey,Star

Don't Press The ButtonEdit

-Winnie was hiding behind Star and was about to scare her

-Space Mickey was using the bathroom

-Star was explaining about Space Mickey's button

-Winnie kissed Space Mickey

-Space Mickey found Winnie behind Star

-Star kicked Space Mickey

-Winnie called Space Mickey an idiot

-Space Mickey was falling from the top

-Star was getting the door


-Star's tail disappeared when she and Winnie saw Space Mickey throwing up

-When the crowds press the button on Space Mickey,he did not move

-Winnie did not say anything although Star said "What?" to him

-When Winnie said "I'll hide behind Star.",Star's foot is seen

-In some scenes,the hole on space Mickey is not seen