Do The Throwing Up is the forty-second episode in season 1


Do The Throwing UpEdit

-Jimmy sounded like a dog and a cat to stop Star

-Star wants Jimmy to throw up

-Jimmy smell Star's foot

-Star was acting like a bird

-Jimmy was crying before he threw up

-Star was fighting Jimmy

-Jimmy burped before he said good

-Star was burping and jumping


-When Star burped,the screen was moving but did not show Star when it move down

-Star said Jimmy just smell her foot but the foot doesn't look like Star's

-Jimmy sounded like a girl when he said "Oh my."

-Star's laugh can be heard far away but she is near Jimmy

-In one scene,Jimmy sounded like a cat but he hate cats

-Star said strangely even though Jimmy said she got it right

-In a few scenes,one of Star's ear is gone