Baby Star And Mickey is the thirty-ninth episode in season 1


Baby Star And MickeyEdit

-Mickey told Star to move then he kicked her

-Star was crying in this video

-Mickey was laughing like a kid

-Star was making a silly face

-Mickey and Star got kicked

-Star was a baby in this video

-Mickey was taoking to himself

-Star was burping four times

-Mickey was a babysitter in this video

-Star landed on Mickey


-Star was burping four times but the first time she burped,she laughed

-Mickey was laughing like a child in Star's video

-Star should have fall hard from the top

-At one part when the lights turn on,Star and Mickey are seen

-Star said she will play part 2 but she already played that before

-Mickey said he took care of Winnie but that didn't happen before

-One of Star's eye is missing when she said "I mean Mickey"

-Mickey shouldn't take care of Star when he's 12